9:29 PM

It has been a while...

not that anyone noticed since I have yet to inform anyone that this blog actually exists. We have had a very, very busy month. Here it is, in a nutshell:

First, we had the annual pumpkin picking-carving extavaganza followed by Trick or Treating. Emily was, need I even say it, Dorothy. Ethan was a little clown (did someone say typecasting?) . They had a great time, and Andy and I enjoyed the spoils of the venture for the following weeks....all that is currently remaining are Pixie Stix and some Tootsie Rolls. I am sure their day will come in good time.

Then we had a good old fashioned Thanksgiving at my Mother in law's house. Delicious, as usual...and it was just as delicious the next day when we ate the leftovers. Oh, how I love Turkey dinner. Lucky for me, I also celebrated my 28th birthday on Thanksgiving Day. I don't feel a day over 22.