10:30 AM

My Top 10 of 2008

Better late then never, right?

1. My kids made it through another year in one piece. I must say, I am impressed with them both. They are two of the happiest, funniest, sweetest kids ever, if I do say so myself. I am also excited to report that Emily, on two separate occasions, demonstrated that she has not inherited my pitiful sense of direction.

2. I read 17 books. Not my personal best, but I will take it.

3. I visited the fabulous city of Seattle to go to the most wonderful wedding. I went alone. No kids. I took leisurely showers, drank wine, faced my fear of public speaking, and stayed up all night having the most wonderful time with the most wonderful friend. Oh the independence!!!

4. I discovered boots. Where have you been all my life?

5. I got an awesome job. There is no commute and it is extremely rewarding. Plus, I get to stay home with my kids. And it has benefits. Wow.

6. We celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. Despite working from home together all day every day, we still manage to have new things to talk about. And laugh about. And, it appears as though he still thinks I am hot. So hot, in fact, that he can't refrain from grabbing my ass multiple times per day.

7. I didn't get pregnant! With all the ass grabbing going on around here, I think this is worth mentioning.

8. I started writing regularly again. It is good for me.

9. I started playing the guitar again. I practice nearly every day. And, I actually played guitar with someone else when I went to visit my sister at college for her 21st birthday. I believe this is commonly referred to as a "jam session". Yeah, a jam session definitely makes the top 10 list.

10. The Phillies won the World Series. Let's get one thing clear, I am not a real sports fan. However, when a Philly team makes it to the playoffs, people are a lot nicer around here. Strangers are actually polite to one another. It is odd, but reassuringly remeniscent of another time and place. Fortunately, it looks like the Eagles are inciting this odd phenomenon once again.