6:32 PM

Long Time No Post

Hi! I had the month of July completely off from work...which never ever happens. As a result, I found myself way too busy to visit you, Internet, but now I am back! The good news is...I have a lot to write about.

First up on the agenda: we planted a garden! I was not too hopeful...past attempts at growing crops have not been very, um, productive. Actually, past attempts have been pretty laughable. Let's just say corn, peppers, beans, and watermelon do not grow very well when planted in a 2x5-ish space. In an effort to learn from past mistakes, we opted to use big pots.

Here's Emily helping out:

Yes, I guess I do allow my children to be barefoot outdoors...hmm. We planted tomatoes, beans, herbs, and bell peppers.
Ethan helped too. Well, kind of.
This was quite a while ago...and I know how this story ends. But what do you think? Were we able to avoid the pitfalls of our past? Was I able to overcome my not-so-green thumb and grow something useful? Stay tuned for our next episode.

10:43 AM

Quite possibly the best idea I have ever had

I always wondered how people had time to do things like clean their patio furniture. I finally figured it out. Kids are really, really impressionable. Honestly, though..it is fun tackling big projects together. Plus, it is probably good for their hand eye coordination and gross motor skills.