8:52 PM

Feeling nostalgic

Emily is fortunate enough to be the flower girl in a wedding tomorrow; consequently, I was the lucky one chosen to escort her to the rehearsal dinner this evening. Looking at the young couple, I was reminded of this exciting time in my own life...the frenzy of wedding planning, the anticipation of the big event, and that so-in-love feeling that just made me so sure I wanted to be a Mrs.

This got me to thinking about how gosh darned lucky I am. I really have lucked out in the whole love department. I am thinking about when I met Andy, and how at first, he was my chem lab partner. Now, he is my life partner. There are not a lot of people who fit together as perfectly as he and I do. We are alike in many ways, but I believe it is our differences that make us so compatible. We are both very spiritual and loyal. We both value our family above all else. On the other hand, Andy is the most geographically talented person I know, and I have gotten lost in my own neighborhood. I am super sociable while he would prefer to keep a small, more close knit social group. I can't think of a duo that needs each other more than he and I. Without him, I would never have matching socks, and he would never go on spontaneous "family fun" trips. Our relationship takes the whole "You complete me" thing to a whole new level. OK, enough of all that sickeningly sweet stuff.