5:44 PM

Yelling at Parked Cars

We went to "Elmo's B is for Books Birthday Bash" at Barnes and Noble last weekend. The term "bash" may have been pushing it a bit, but it was fun. They read a bunch of Elmo books and then the kids got to hug their favorite snuggly monster. Here are some pics:

Notice the caution tape in the background? Let's just say my boy is not intimidated one bit by flimsy plastic barriers. He escaped at least 3 times during the book reading part, and found the giant picture windows overlooking the parking lot far more interesting than the stories. Lucky for him, there was another little guy just about his age who seemed to share his passion for yelling at parked cars, so he was in good company. It was definitely a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon, so I definitely recommend going if there is one near you.