6:05 PM

Internet Love

Have you ever fallen in love online? I have, many times over. Not with people, of course; with PRODUCTS. You know, stuff that you really want that you admire and think about buying. You search for them regularly and eventually take things to the next level: the "Favorites" or "Bookmark" stage. Don't look at me like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I fall in love with all kinds of stuff. But it all starts with houses. Homes that I would love to live in. I am talking real estate lust here, this is serious stuff. I don't fall in love with huge houses in developments, I always go for the ones with charm and mature trees. These are spectacular homes with a decent sized yard and room to store all my crap. By crap I mean the other stuff that I have fallen for and subsequently purchased in a whirlwind courtship. All online.

I furnish every room in this house with items purchased from Pottery Barn. (Sorry, Phoebe.) I drool over the shelving in Ethan's room and Emily's wooden kitchen set. I pick out coordinating colors thanks to Lowe's paint finder tool. I decorate my study with office accessories from Target. I fall in love with bedding, couches, and throw pillows. I pretend as if these items will not get destroyed with Gogurt accidents Goldfish crumbs. This is the honeymoon stage. Unfortunately, this stage can't last forever.

These relationships all end the same. After some careful reevaluating, I decide that this really isn't a good time for me. I end things with the house. Cut it off completely. Delete it from my bookmarks. It is no longer my favorite. I may check in with the house from time to time. See if it is still there, waiting for me to have a change of heart, or if some other owner has made the commitment I just couldn't make. I sigh as I remind myself that I have moved on, and I quickly switch screens to my rebound house. It is kind of bittersweet.

So, here's to lost love, full shopping carts, and that little "x" in the top right corner of my screen that has saved my credit cards from countless acts of abuse.


Kristy said...

Hopefully you don't run into the same problem I do with Internet love... actually putting in the credit card number. Impulsiveness is a bitter curse I tell ya.

2XMOMMY said...

Well I will live vicariously thru your "almost" purchases... I am not brave enough to even put the items in my shopping cart...

Mommyto3K's said...

I do the same thing!! I make myself every so often clean out my bookmarks because the list is way too long!!!