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A couple of Days Late and at Least a dollar short

My suer late homework courtesy of

This week's assignment: Write about a time you hid from someone, or a time you disguised who you really were. My response:

So remember my beautiful friend Megan? (You just saw her bachelorette picture in Wendesday's post.) We have known one another since I was born and she was two, so we have had countless adventures together. Countless. One such adventure took place circa 1993 in Philadelphia, PA. Megan's mother lived in this City of Brotherly Love and we decided to take a road trip via Greyhound to visit.

From the minute we boarded the bus, Megan and I assumed alternate personalities. We were now advocates for the National Beef and Poultry Association" and we were conducting research. Our main research question: When individuals are making a burger, do they prefer to "slap up their own patties" or "buy them pre-slapped"? As you can surmise, this was very impotant research. Very.

In order to gather data to answer this important question, we interviewed folks, clipboards in hand. I was in charge of the video camera, and Megan was on-air talent. The response was very interesting. Some respondents commented on "What a cool job" we had. Some folks would utter "This is ridiculous" and then proceed to answer the question with great sincerity and conviction. Others would offer culinary advice "well it depends...if I am making Turkey Burgers, I always add an egg". Regardless, we reached a conclusion: the majority of individuals interviewed during this groundbreaking survey prefer to "slap up their own patties".

As an adult looking back, I have to wonder what these respondents were thinking. Did they really believe that we were representatives for the National Beef and Poultry Association? Is there a National Beef and Poultry Association? Were they just humoring us? What on earth were these people thinking when approached by two awkward pre-teens asking about their meat preferences?

So, that's my story. A time in my life when I pretended to be someone I am not.


Concerned Girl said...

If only we could edit that video to have better sound quality...not many "teens" do such fun and silly things..I am going to have to watch that tomorrow.

I am glad we pretended to be someone else!

Miss you and let me know when I can call you at home

remember interviewing people at LCCC too and our visit to the college classroom?

Concerned Girl said...

I also forgot that we took the bus..and now I am having delightful memories of that bus ride..and not showering for our big interview spree!!!