6:58 PM

Christmas was wonderful!

It really was. The kids loved the festivities...visiting with relatives, opening their presents, putting out cookies and milk for Santa. It rocked.

Emily's favorite presents were her American Girl Doll and clothes. Also, Andy made her a beautiful armoire for the clothes and it turned out really, really nice. She loved it.

Ethan got a bunch of trucks and a race car track. He loved opening his presents so much, at one point I actually saw him use his teeth to tear the wrapping paper on a particulaly difficult to open gift.

It was so wonderful to celebrate with our families. I loved getting together with Andy's side of the family. The cousins are all getting so big. They are growing into an adorable bunch of big kids. They all seemed to really love the gifts and had a great time together.

Christmas Day with my family was nice too. My grandparents were in town, and it really was great visiting with them. I wish they lived closer. I think everyone really loved the photobooks I made. Shutterfly rocks!

Right now, I am just enjoying this little break. The calm before the storm, if you will. My new job starts on Jan 2nd, so that will be an adjustment. I am glad I asked for a planner for Christmas. I am definitely going to need it!