12:57 PM

"Don't forget to put the Yankees back in their package"

These were the words Emily uttered to me as she drifted off to near-sleep last night. "What Yankees?" you ask. By Yankees I believe she meant Hanky. You know, like a wipe-your-snot hanky. This was after I had supplied her with one to wipe her runniness. Her poor little snot-chute-thingy under her nose was all red. She was feeling OK otherwise, but we all know how annoying a runny rose can be. She is a trooper. She also wanted to be sure I knew that she "liked Yankees the best" as compared to tissues, and she questioned what these Yankees "are even made of actually?" This cute little exchange really reminded me of the joys of life, those everyday miracles that we often overlook in the daily grind. I am going to make an effort to be more mindful of these miracles...and with the new year coming up, this is the best time to start.