6:07 PM

The Town that Time Forgot: The Verdict is In

I am delighted to report that Poppop was indeed victorious. Justice has prevailed! The PoppopMobile will be restored to its original state, courtesy of the Kid. But Melt, perspiring due to synthetic fibers, reportedly hung his head while leaving the courtroom.

Stay tuned for the next episode of...The Town that Time Forgot


Mommyto3K's said...

Yay, Glad to hear Poppop won the case and his car is going to get fixed. Thanks for the update on The Town That Forgot Time!!

Mom said...

Hooray for Poppop! It sounds like he was in the right the way you told it, anyhow. Looking forward to more of the Town That Time Forgot! An interesting place indeed. Any updates on Precious & Money?

RomBug said...

As one of his daughters, I am VERY glad PopPop won this case. Can you imagine what we'd be hearing about it over the next umpteen years if he had lost???