8:52 PM

Miss Alaneous

While getting the kids dressed for bed:

Emily: What's up with Ethan's shorts? Are they mine?

Me: No, they aren't yours. They are just extra comfy shorts we have laying around...they are miscellaneous.

Emily: Why is he wearing her shorts?

Me: Whose shorts?

Emily: Miss Alaneous


Anonymous said...

Finally... geez Nat. been checking and checking and finally... Miss A. now THAT is funny stuff.

Glad your garden is growing. I've got Eggplants galore on the way.

Oh and Norton is fine. please send the kids over to help with his socialization. he's become QUITE the little unmannerly demon!

MamaSnapped said...

That is funny!!!!! LOL Gotta love kids and what they hear and what they say.

2XMOMMY said...

Finally got my laugh in for the day... Glad to see you back and to hear the kids are great and still so funny...

Lateshia said...

Oh my gosh! That is hysterical!!!!