7:40 PM

the wanderer

We went to the beach last month and it became pretty clear that Ethan and Emily have very different "vacation styles". Emily loved playing in the water and digging for stuff. Ethan loved wandering aimlessly in the sand. Seriously, I have never seen a kid walk around so much in my life. Andy or I would have to go follow him and attempt to convince him that he should come hang out where all the chairs and toys are. Sometimes, we would have to send in the big guns to talk Ethan down from the dunes.

She had much better results...she is very persuasive.

Andy and I pretended we were in college again and played beer pong on the dining room table with my sister and her friend. We were a little rusty at first, but we got back into the swing of things a little too easily. Our opponents never saw it coming.

Wandering aside, we all had a great time.


Anonymous said...

you are never too old for beer pong!

Anonymous said...

Where did you vacation? Looks wonderful- I love the beach.