7:29 PM

Playing with Food 3/22/08

Remember the Wonder Years? That was such a good show: wholesome family, coming-of-age storylines, great music, Winnie Cooper and her teeny little eco-friendly car .

I really miss that show.
One of the most consistent scenes in The Wonder Years revolved around Jack, Norma, and the kids enjoying their evening meal. It never failed that as they would sit on their vinyl seats around the table, Jack would have to yell at Wayne for playing with his food. That Wayne was such a PITA.
Anyway, I realized that in my house we seem to encourage playing with food. In preparation for Easter, we played with edible playdough:

(This is made from equal parts dry milk, peanut butter, and honey. It is pretty tasty.)
We made a bunny hutch:

We dyed eggs:
And, the most popular event, playing with rice:

This is quite possibly the perfect spur of the moment activity. It is cheap and provides at least 45 minutes of entertainment. For this activity, you first gather supplies. I prefer to use Organic Whole grain Jasemine wild rice. That was a joke. Anyway a couple of bowls, spoons, and measuring cups and voila! It is easy to clean up too:

Fun, fun! So, that is what we have been up to...eat your heart out, Jack Arnold.