7:37 PM

A springy photo shoot

Happy Easter! Every spring, we get professional pictures taken. I decided to try to take them myself this year (Why? I have no idea.) Yesterday, I forced the kids to get all dressed up say "Cheese!". They were pretty irritated with me when all was said and done, but some of the pictures turned out OK. I will eventually get them printed and give them out to people, but we all know I suck at following through with things so here they are:

This one is funny, see how thoroughly annoyed he is. Love it!

Should I cut my losses and take them to a professional? Should I quit my day job and become a photographer? What do you guys think?


Mommyto3K's said...

I think the pics turned out great. WOW, I can not believe how much Ethan has grown!!! The kids looks super cute!!