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Men are from Venus Women are from Mars. Or is it the other way around: Men are from Mars Women are from Venus?

I was IMing with Kristy the other night and we were discussing this woman that we both respect. I was all, "She is so smart", and Kristy was all "I love her hair", and I was like "She has really cool glasses. And shoes." And Kristy was like "And her husband is hot!" and I was all, "She is just so talented. I think I love her." And Kristy was all, "ME TOO!!!".

Then we both reread our conversation....and came to the conclusion that this type of exchange would NEVER occur between men. Picture it:

One guy: "You know [Admirable Man]. He is really good at fixing things. And he has really nice tools."

Other Guy: Yeah. And he has really cool sneakers.

One Guy: I like his haircut a lot too... I wonder who cuts it.

Other Guy: Yeah, I wonder. He is just so amazing. I love him!

One guy: ME TOO!!!

Kristy and I have decided to conduct some unscientific research on this phenomenon we will refer to as "Girl Crushes". Our primary interest in this survey would be to determine the following:

1. Are we weird? Do all women feel this way? I am pretty sure we are normal, because Kathy has been exhibiting some serious Ellen admiration...and this Blogess chic is all over Amy Sedaris.

2. Do men ever exhibit man crushes? If so, do they keep this information to themselves or do they use some sort of man code like, "Yeah. He's cool." to communicate such feelings?

If you have any information that would be helpful to our quest, please do tell! Even if it means you are telling me that we are weird. We can take it.


Mrs. Buck said...

My Husband TOTALLY has a man crush! He is obsessed with Adam Carolla...listens to his entire radio show every day, rented his movie as soon as it was released, at least 1x per day for the past few months has been all "Adam this and Adam that". I give him a hard time about it - and he totally admits it! Although I dont think he would go so far as to exclaim "I love him"! Now THAT would be weird!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh my gosh this is hilarious! And so true. Would a man admit to having a man crush?? I'm pretty sure my husband's man crush is on Jesus. :)

I think only really secure men would admit to such a thing...and you're right. They would never talk like that.

Insane Mama said...

Too funny... I definitely have blogging crushes and other crushes that are absurd

Kristy said...

OMG...this is too funny. Even though I was actually part of the original conversation it is still so funny to talk about it in the public blog world.

With or without our unscientific research, it is a proven fact that straight men will NEVER admit to boy crushes.

hebba said...

Man crushes...that's what sports are for!! When guys talk endlessly about stats and replay the entire game in conversation and who deserves their contract and who is going to become a free agent...MAN CRUSHES!!

Angie said...

Hi Mrs. Whimsy, nice to meet ya!
I'm here from MamaKat.
What an interesting subject. I can't really think of anyone my hubby would have a man crush on if he did. He does have a huge crush on Shania Twain though but I don't think that counts at all.
I have a question on the whole girl crush thing.
If one who is straight has a semi sexual dream about one of her friends, does that mean one has a crush?

Jessica said...

I fully admit to being weird if such crushes are weird. I think women are just more open about them. But from time to time my husband gets man crushes. It's usually for younger men who have accomplished more than him, so maybe that's more jealousy than a crush...

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah - Men exhibit crushes on other men all the time. Go skiing or play golf with a bunch of guys some time. There's always one who is better at it than the rest. Just watch how they all try to emulate and impress him. It's like being at a middle school dance. Of course, a Seinfeld episode brought this phenomenon to the forefront when George became totally infatuated with Elaine's "arm candy" boyfriend, Tony. Not a good outcome to that one.