9:21 PM

Rainy Day Volcano

When you are a mom, rainy days are your worst nightmare. Without the luxury of "running off some steam", kids can quickly turn into whiny, combative little monsters. It sucks. In an effort to beat the "rainy day blues", we made a volcano out of junk that we found laying around the house. We also stayed in our PJs all day, ate our lunch in a fort in the living room, and painted some lovely pictures. I think I like rainy days now.

Before the big eruption:

After the big eruption:

New rule: When it rains, make something out of stuff your husband would refer to as "garbage".


Mommyto3K's said...

Dig the new layout. Also rainy days at your house sound way more fun than mine.

The Wizzle said...

This has pretty much been our whole summer. It's too HOT to go out even if I weren't pregnant, which I most assuredly am. Once fall hits, I swear we're not coming inside for 6 months! My kids are going nuts.