6:05 PM

The Landscaper

Emily is quite the artist. She comes home from school every day with her backpack full of masterpieces. Just last week, she drew a beautiful picture of the two of us riding on an elephant through the desert.

When I commented on the horizon line in the background, she said, very matter of factly," Yes, my friend Greta taught me to do that. It is called a landscaper." As I held back my chuckle, I started reminiscing about verbal blunders of her past. Now that she is older, these gems are few and far between, but I can remember the days when she would mix up words and I would refuse to correct her because it was just oh-so-cute.

One of my favorites is when she would get in the car and ask me to put on "Jelly Bowl" (Billy Joel) and the day she walked around the house looking for her "diarrhea" (diary). I can also remember when she very clearly requested that this year, she get a "zucchini" to wear to the beach. Oh, how I love her!


Kathy said...

My daughters like to wear "slip-slops" (flip-flops) come running to tell me when it's "froggy" outside and love to read books about "calapittars" and butterflies. You're right listening to these blunders is the BEST!

Mommyto3K's said...

How cute!! It's funny how they will forget their play on words, but we do not. I can remember things that Kaden used to say when he was small and it just always puts a smile on my face and takes me back to that special moment.

Natalie said...

I am loving the slip slops! That is true, they are awfully slippery.