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The Town that Time Forgot

My grandparents live in an old steel town. When you are there, it feels like you have been transported to the early 90s. The roads all have potholes and the stores have strange names. The kitchens have linoleum floors and the houses appear to be a little bit crooked. It is a nice little town, but there is very limited wireless access. Like I said, very early 90s.

This town reminds me of a comic book crossed with one of those Dick and Jane primers. A comic book because all of the characters are just a bit animated and exaggerated, and a Primer because it is so old fashioned and the people have funny names. Like my Grandmother's beautician, Belva Fuss. Or the mechanic, Jim Fold. It's as if some author out there picked these character's names so that emergent readers would recognize the words and be able to pronounce them.

Anyway, my dear grandfather, lets call him Poppop, was recently involved in a fender bender in the local supermarket parking lot. I am pretty sure the supermarket is named after a bird. Like the Super Sparrow or something like that. Anyway, some kid (Poppop described him as a kid, so I can assume he is somewhere between 16 and 50) hit him. The Kid refused to pay for the damages and my Poppop, get this, took him to court.

The process of the court preparations involved many painful phone calls to my parents in which the details were rehashed again and again. They had to track down the exact make and model of the Kid's car to take measurements. My mother even drew a picture of the scene of the accident and faxed it to my Poppop's buddy, Frank Carcase. Needless to say, Frank is a pret-ty big deal around there, having a fax machine and all.

The plot thickens: The Kid even got a lawyer, Bud Melt, to represent him. I picture Bud as wearing a cowboy hat and having his wife-beater show through his polyester shirt. Don't act like you don't know the look I am talking about.

Would the car lot measurements and faxed artists depiction make the cut against the seasoned attorney? Would Poppop's word stand up in court against that of the Kid? Find out on the next episode of...The Town that Time Forgot.


Mommyto3K's said...

This is great and you can bet your Poppop I'll be checking back for an update!!

Kathy said...

What's the kids story?? He must not think it was his fault if he's fighting it so hard. I hope Poppop wins!