6:13 PM

Turtle and Playdough

Ethan was a turtle for about an hour today. After dumping out all the little toys out of the basket, of course. He was so happy to be a turtle, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet a two year old turtle can be.

Emily worked on this playdough cake for Ethan for about 45 minutes. She really took her time and was so proud of the finished product. Then we sang happy birthday and cut it up. Only one of us actually ate it though.


Mommyto3K's said...
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Mommyto3K's said...

Too many typos..I deleted and reposted:-) Ethan is the cutest turtle I've seen and Emily did a fantastic job on the cake. Kaden and I also had fun playing with playdough today too. However,he was only entertained like 10 mins...I wish I could get 45 minutes out of playdough:-)