1:18 PM

What is this, a rap video?

Today, Emily informed me that as she was eating lunch, her little friend Ben called her a name. You want to know what he called her? "Baby Girl". Yes, you read right: Baby Girl. What is up with this? Aren't kindergarteners supposed to call each other poopyhead and meanieface? I could have handled that. What is this, kindergarten or an LL Cool J song?

The real troubling thing is that when she told me the story, she had a hint of a smile...a glimmer in her eye that was unmistakeable. I quick told her that boys have cooties and to tell that Ben that she is not a baby...she is a strong, independent girl and if he ever needs help lifting anything heavy he should let her know. She will be happy to help!


Molly said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hmm, Ned is approaching 4, not quite in kindy yet but I would hate it if he spoke to a girl in that way, so I cannot imagine having a daughter and that happening! A couple of the girls at Ned's preschool have a thing for him but you can tell, he just can't be bothered!

Eva said...

Hi! How nice of you to visit over at my little blog! :) Thanks.

What a great story about your daughter! My son just turned 2 - I have to admit that I taught him last week how to go, "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fiiiiyaaaaah!" His version, "The rooss! The rooss! ...FIIIYYAAAAHH!" Kids are cute.

Kathy said...

Once I wore long black boots with a knee length skirt, when I arrived in class one of the boys said "Daaaammmnnn girl, you lookin' naughty today." I was completely disgusted.

He wasn't even cute.

Mommyto3K's said...

You and Andy better get ready because Emily is a cutie and I'm sure this is only the beginning for "Baby Girl."

T's Blog said...

Oh No! I'm glad you told her boys have cooties b/c they totally do.