6:48 PM

Update on Precious

Things are not going so well with Project Precious. This weekend, she ripped a huge branch off of our pear tree and singlehandedly destroyed Money's skateboard. She seemed to have fun, though.
I need to work on a new game plan. This child simply does not respond to nice consistent reminders and redirection. Supernanny always says to use a low tone. Perhaps my voice is too squeaky or something. I will work on tone and do some research.


Kathy said...

Seriously...where is Precious's family?? We have a little girl that rides her bike from morn till dusk and I'm looking around like "seriously??" Anything could happen to her and it would take her family forever to figure it out. So sad.

MrsWhimsy said...

Good question. Their car is always in the driveway, but they are never seen. It is a paradox.

Mom said...

I will now have to follow your Precious (and surely precocious) adventure. I thank you for sharing & look forward to seeing how things go. It's a shame there are parents who allow such things, as in Precious' situation. We actually have a family like that in our own neighborhood. Those kids were realtively unresponsive to us & the oldest, like Money seems to be, seemed much older than his 8 years when we first got here. I can envision our boy here doing much of what his parents may not. Helping with homework, feeding, etc. It's sad.

I will be reading - thank you!